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AlexandraTemplier_Thibault Carron

Photo: Thibault Carron

Chant 1:
la Nuit du coeur

Flamenco-jazz-rock opera and poetry


/ Show on tour

Let yourself be taken on a musical and emotional journey by five artists who, in their respective practices, are among the best performers in Montreal! ​


Chant 1: La Nuit du coeur is a unique stage experience combining theatricality and musical excellence, poetry and daring fusion (flamenco, jazz improvisation, sampling, rock and lyrical impulses). ​


An invitation to question ourselves collectively: what have we done with our voices/speech and what use does it serve? How can we renew this bond of trust between us?


A call to communion and reverence. A resolutely optimistic quest for “this beauty which will save the world” (Pierre Rabhi).




"Alexandra Templier brings us flamenco and classical singing, poetry and empathy, the timeless and the electronic (...) her outstanding voice channels all the urgency and powerful emotion of the human condition."


"A captivating performance bringing warmth to the heart and joy to the ears."


“A flamenco spirit, an extraordinary voice and a keen sensibility, both generous and genuine. Through the great talent of these musicians, the music’s flamenc  o roots expand to touch on jazz, rock and Latin. An emotionally moving performance staged with incredible skill. A call for a gentle, sincere spirituality.”



"We love discovering artists. And we were won over by Alexandra Templier and her experimental project. A real treat for music-lovers!"


"A non-denominational religious experience. "
Johanna Nutter




Alexandra Templier | artistic direction, musical co-direction, sampling, texts, voice

Hugo Larenas | musical co-direction, arrangements, flamenco and electric guitars

David Ryshpan | piano, synthesizers, sound programming

Sébastien Pellerin | upright bass

Olivier Bussières | percussion


Valéry Drapeau | staging, dramaturgy and artistic advice

Cédric Delorme-Bouchard | lighting creation

Mateo Barrera | lighting management

Fabienne Sosa | Alexandra Templier's costume





·     Théâtre Anaïs-Allard-Rousseau, Trois-Rivières,QC

·     Petit Champlain, Québec

·     L'Anglicane, Lévis, QC

·     Théâtre Louis Vermeersch, St-John,NB

·     La Caserne, Dieppe,NB

·     Vieux Treuil,QC

·     Centre culturel de Paspébiac,QC

·     Salle Desjardins-Telus, Rimouski,QC

·     Salle Alphonse-Desjardins, Rivière-du-loup,QC

·     Quai 5160, Maison de la Culture Verdun, Montréal

·     SPEC-Théâtre des Deux-Rives, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu


·     Théâtre Desjardins, La Salle, QC

·     Carré 150, Victoriaville, QC


·     Grand Rendez-vous de la Musique (biennial showcase), Montréal, QC


·     Théâtre Gilles Vigneault, St-Jérôme, QC


·     Bourgie Hall / Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

·     Production grant from the Montreal Arts Council

·     Production grant from the Council for the Arts and Letters of Quebec


·     Maison de la Culture Rivière-des-Prairies, Saint-Joseph Church

·     Finalist of the Prize for Diversity in Music

         / Members of the jury: Conseil des Arts de Montréal / Radio Canada / Place des Arts /  Arte Musica / Vision DIversité / Mundial Montréal

·     Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Salle Iro Valaskakis-Tembeck

·     Babel Music Festival, Maison de la Culture Ahuntsic

·     Outremont Theatre, Mardi Métissés Series


·     Grant from the Montreal Arts Council for research and development

·     Maison de la Culture St-Laurent

·     Maison de la Culture Montreal Nord, Salle Oliver-Jones

·     L'Astral, showcase Muz

·     Jardins Lumière, L'Avenir QC

·     Maison de la Culture Parc Extension, René-Goupil Church

·     Grant and mentorship residency at the MAI (Montréal Arts Interculturels)


·     Maison de la Culture Frontenac

·     Maison de la Culture Plateau-Mont Royal

·     Maison de la Culture Ahuntsic

·     Maison de la Culture Rosemont-La Petite Patrie


·     Casa del Popolo, Montreal

·     Montreal Flamenco Festival, Sala Rossa


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