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Chant 2:
Le murmure du vivant

(The whisper of the living)

Dance, voice and electroacoustics


/ creation in progress

We automatically think of silence as the total absence of sound. But such a thing doesn’t exist in the natural world. It’s a utopia.


Silence, like noise, is a feeling. It is a feeling specific to each person. For us, it’s when mental noise stops. At that point, we find a state of openness that renders us capable of receiving what is already there. Silence is a state of availability, of trust in life and in our own deep intuition. Silence breathes, intertwines, separates. It is whole and plural. It contains the void – which is not the same as nothingness. Full of the power of suggestion, it is at once pause and momentum, reflection, colour and breath, a bridge to the unknown and a place of gestation, but also the limits of our human power of perception. What is said in the silence? What continues to take place? How can we learn this borderline listening? And how can we awaken this in the audience?

Exploring silence means exploring questions of resonance and liminal spaces. It also means confronting the awareness of our own mortality. Listening to music. Listening to silence. Listening to life; and life in its broadest sense. Listening with our whole body, and even more carefully knowing that it will, one day, come to an end...





Alexandra Templier | artistic director, sound designer, vocal artist

Hélène Messier | artistic and choreographic counsellor, dance artist

Vanessa Massera | musician (electroacoustics)

Philippe Dépelteau | dance artist

Ariane Boulet | dance artist

Marie-Hélène Bellavance | scenograph


Team for preliminary research:

Caroline Planté | guitare

Patrick Graham | percussions





·     Festival "La Semaine du Neuf", Le Vivier - Montréal




·       Pôle Relève Le Vivier (research, creation and production) in partnership with Codes d'Accès

·       Grant from the Conseil des Arts de Montréal to pursue research and creation


·       Research residency at Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de Grâce


·       Grant from Canada Counsel for the Arts to initiate research and creation

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