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Poster: Aga Khan Museum

Dance a mile
in my shoes/bells

An encounter between flamenco and kathak dance

/ show available

The captivating encounter between flamenco dance (originating in Andalusia, Spain) and kathak (dance which has its origins in northern India) but also between two award-winning artists: Carmen Romero and Bageshree Vaze. Accompanied by high-rate musicians invited to improvise live between these two traditions. A passionate and rhythmic exchange full of surprising and fascinating connections.

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Carmen Romero | flamenco dance

Bageshree Vaze | kathak dance

Benjamin Barrile | flamenco guitar

Alexandra Templier | flamenco singing and vocal improvisation

Justin Gray | microtonal bass

Vineet Vyas | tabla

Derek Gray | percussion





·      Center for the Arts, Hamilton ON


·      Aga Khan Flamenco Festival, Toronto ON



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