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Photo: Emily Gan


Contemporary dance and singing

DESCENDANT is a piece rooted in concepts of matriarchal ancestry presented through movement, music, and text. This choreographic work looks at the female lineage of each performer to give voice and movement to their ancestral stories. Inspired by the intergenerational cycle of Monarch butterflies, the choreographer builds a parallel to this phenomenon through genealogical lineage in an abstract narrative.

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Artistic director & choreographer Stéphanie Fromentin

Musicians | Rupina Tashjian & Alexandra Templier

Dancers | Daniela Carmona-Sanchez, Charo Foo Tai Wei, Emmanuelle Martin
Costumes : Tricia Crivellaro, Jade Simard, Stéphanie Fromentin
Quilt : Tricia Crivellaro & Lynne Heller
Artistic Advisor : Sophie Michaud
Movement Advisor : James Viveiros




·     Mainline Theatre, Montreal



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