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Trio Anastasia

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Voice, guitar & cello

TRIO ANASTASIA is a compelling dialogue between three unique worlds, which come together through a shared passion for flamenco. This project stands for multiculturalism in all its richness, and for the possibility of dialogue that respects the essence of a vibrant tradition without limiting itself in form.

Sergio Matesanz brings the heady fragrance of Jerez, acting as guardian of the flamencura – the essence of the art form, its own bold identity. Cary Rosa Varona lends a classical elegance and an irrefutable Cuban flavour; a true virtuoso, she explores all the sonic textures of the instrument she masters to perfection. In the role of common denominator, Alexandra Templier offers a vocal bridge between song and cante, flamenco and classical music, respect for tradition and appeal to a contemporary audience.




“When Cary Rosa Varona features in a performance, it’s always a guarantee of quality and beauty. Still, I didn’t expect this. (...) Three extraordinary musicians: guitarist Sergio Matesanz and cellist Cary Rosa Varona accompanied by a magical being who seemed to draw astounding beauty from thin air  . French singer Alexandra Templier took to the stage barefoot and delivered a flamenco repertoire full of nuance, her voice clear, luminous and wise. She brought warmth to the heart as she led us by the hand through the cantes de ida y vuelta. Never did I imagine I’d leave with such joy in my heart, a colombiana tune on my lips...”


José Ramón Fernández Domínguez


“Alexandra Templier’s voice, accompanied by Sergio Matesanz’s guitar and Cary Rosa Varona’s cello, resonates like the history of flamenco cante: an echo of the music of the avant-gardes, a piercing saeta rising from a balcony in a narrow alley of Seville, the aroma of Havana filtering through the liveliest rhythms from the other side of the ocean. A voice of remarkable clarity, both powerful and balanced, which “la Templier” – she deserves to be named as the great divas are – controls with a discernment that belies her youth. A cascade of sensibility and sensuality, a torrent of a voice that Alexandra Templier tempers with remarkable skill. The highlight of the evening, without a shadow of a doubt.”


Miguel Munárriz - ZENDA





·     Opera Boualem Bessaih, Algiers

·     Finca Guell, Avila, Spain

·     Tablao La Quimera , Madrid, Spain


·     Conde Duque Auditorium , Madrid, Spain

·     Fundacion Casa Patas , Madrid, Spain



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