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les eaux intimes

Fine arts, music and inclusive dance

/ creation in progress 2021-2023

Corpuscule Danse is Quebec’s first professional company for integrated dance. The company’s mandate centres around the development of integrated dance  , an inclusive artistic practice that brings together dance performers with and without disabilities, which may be visible or invisible. Through creation and dissemination of artistic performances, as well as research, teaching and cultural mediation, the company contributes to the inclusion, recognition and professionalisation of artists of bodily and functional diversity. Through all its activities, the company aims to promote diversity and better collective wellbeing .


CARTOGRAPHIE: LES EAUX INTIMES (Cartography: The inner waters) sees the company and its new artistic co-directors asserting their artistic identity. Combining their practices and vision, co-directors Marie-Hélène Bellavance (visual artist) and Georges-Nicolas Tremblay (dancer) develop an installation that will be brought to life and transformed by periodic performances. Marie-Hélène will join dancers Ariane Boulet, Anthony Dolbec, Simon Renaud and Alexandra Templier in performing the work.

More information: here




Marie-Hélène Bellavance | artistic co-direction, installation, dance

Georges-Nicolas Tremblay | artistic co-direction

Ariane Boulet | dance

Anthony Dolbec | dance

Simon Renaud | dance

Alexandra Templier | sound composition, dance, voice



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