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Photo: Olivier Arseneault

L'écho des racines

A meeting between gigue and flamenco

/ creation in progress 2021-2023

L'ÉCHO DES RACINES (Echoes of the roots) is a choreographic project developed in the fertile space between two dance traditions: flamenco and Quebec gigue. Beneath their percussive affinities, these two traditions have opposite dynamics, and it is precisely in the space opened by these oppositions, in the spectrum of nuances that unfold there, that this work exists. The poetic universe that guides the creation is that of roots and mushrooms: invisible connections that allow underground communication; that support and anchor; that question our relationship with time and what delimits a territory, a tradition, a dancing body.


With support from BIGICO, the premiere of L’écho des racines is scheduled for June 2023 at the Théâtre aux Écuries (Montréal).

More information: here



Artistic direction | La Sporée _ Sarah Bronsard

Show created in co-creation with the  artists | Olivier Arseneault, Yaëlle Azoulay, Alexis Chartrand, Thierry Clouette, Miguel Medina, Alexandra Templier, Benjamin Tremblay Carpentier, Antoine Turmine, Rocio Vadillo




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