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Photo: Michelle Seymour

Ground Level

Flamenco, indie music, pop, rock and contemporary dance

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With contemporary dance, a vibrant 20 year career in flamenco, and a keen interest in musical composition at her back, artistic director, choreographer and dancer Rae Bowhay has envisioned variations of 'having her own band' since early in her career. Driven by the need to experience the intimate connection between music and dance found in flamenco, but with her own music, she rekindled collaboration with the genius of keyboardist, composer and musical director Miguel Medina.

Together, with 3 other mesmerizing hearts of gold: Alexandra Templier (voice), Philippe Jean (electric guitar) and Mike G (drums), GROUND LEVEL revels in musical influences from the 80’s and 90’s pop eras, electronic soundscapes, polyrhythmic grooves, flamenco and progressive rock. 

​Since 2019 they are very busy creating a musical and choreographic repertoire that is difficult to classify!

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Rae Bowhay | artistic direction, choreography, composition, dance

Miguel Medina | music direction, composition, keyboard

Alexandra Templier  | vocal arrangements, voice, movement

Philippe Jean | arrangements, electric guitar

Michael Gasselsdorfer | arrangements, drums

Michelle Seymour | artistic advisor

Zoe Dominiak | costumes



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