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Jardin des consolations

Photo: Jean-Francois Letarte

Jardin des Consolations

A poetic walk

/ May  2023

How do we relate together to the essence of our humanity? How can we meet join in values of beauty, presence, compassion, love and courage? This project is a poetic reflection on the ties that unite us. ‍ After around thirty meetings with the community gathered for the occasion, we will offer a performative walk for and with a large group of people of all ages and experiences, on Saturday May 20, 2023 (May 21 in case of rain), accompanied by vocal artist Alexandra Templier.

More information: here




Concept et choreography : Sarah Dell'Ava

Assistants : Matéo Chauchat et Léa Noblet di Ziranaldi

Voice, music composition and performance : Alexandra Templier (except for "Loca": composition Silvia Perez Cruz, interpretation Alexandra Templier)

Performance : Julie Aubin, Denyse Hayoun, Juliette Diallo, Julia Philpot, Adèle Raux-Copin, Camille Courchesne-Couturier, Alessandra Côté-Bioli, Meriem, Ferkli, Luce Fortier, Claire Pearl, Châtelaine Côté-Rioux, Alessandra Côté-Bioli, Natacha Loiselle, Myriam Foisy, Pierre Bastien, Pierre Lavigueur, Manon A, Marie-Claude Fugier, Marie Jacques, Marie-Christine Trahan, Guadalupe Torres, Marie Jolicoeur, Gabriela Taillefer, Conrad Chamberlain, Hélène Messier, Kerwin Barrington, Annabelle Chouinard, Gloria Natan, Aliénor Chamoux, Marijoe Foucher, Denyse Hayoun, Dolores P-Rodriguez, Morgane Guillou, Maryse Carrier, Amineh Sharifi, Richard Trottier, Mélia Boivin, Pierrette Tremblay, Céline Cossette, Salomé Fontolliet, Marie-Claude Roy, Lorena Teran, Tai Wei Charo Foo.




·     Parc Médéric-Martin, Montréal, QC



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