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Artistic statement

As a child, I refused with all the fire in my belly to be told that human beings were worthless. This radical refusal of nihilism and cynicism grew into a profound faith in beauty and in human dignity. There is nothing quaint or irrelevant about the pursuit of beauty. And life is definitely worth living. How can my language and performance speak to your innermost being and nourish this conviction in you, too? How can we re-enchant our relationship with the living? Which of our senses does this best? These questions shape the whole of my artistic journey.

With the goal of a holistic artistic experience, my process is thus founded on a deep training of body and mind, with the voice – which distils our entire being – as my primary site of exploration. My aim is to attain a gravity and depth by which presence itself is enough; where being a human body becomes an experience of intimate and collective transcendence: a re-enchantment of the world, horizontal and without a god.

This approach leads me to delve into the question of resonance and its connection to our contemporary experience of the sacred. From this research emerge multidisciplinary creations that aim to connect with listeners on an intimate level, to question our habits of perception and to allow a state of collective openness toward what we cannot grasp. For me, the aesthetic experience is a transformative ritual: new ways of feeling lead to new ways of thinking.

As a result, I tend to explore the fringes, the bordering spaces. These are points of contact and contrast between cultures, traditions, practices and beings, but also the liminal spaces of our routine perceptions. This fascination reveals itself in the subjects that underpin my work: the failure of trust and the search for a metaphysics-through-sound in  Chant 1: The Night of the heart; the miracle of daily life and the exponential unfurling of slowness and remanence in Chant 2: The whisper of the living; our sense of smell and touch and our relationship with the invisible in Chant 3: As long as the Nuit carries us; the transcendent power of laughter and joy in Les Rigoles

Firmly optimistic, my work is a reconnection with life in its broadest sense: life that we listen to with our whole body; life that holds within it the mystery that, when channelled by human beings , we call Poetry.

Photo: MDL Photography

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